My name is Ruby Mamistvalove. I started working on Deus 6 years ago when the technologies of speech recognition and wake-up-word detection weren't good enough. So I put Deus aside for a while. But now it's here. And it's really good.


Deus is a tool. Its purpose is to enhance our abilities, the same way bikes and cars help us be faster than Chitas.


I decided to open-source the project since I believe in the power of people all over the world, working together to create something great under a shared vision. I also believe in sharing knowledge, so anyone that learns from a piece of code, or the process of shipping/creating a refined product means a great deal to me.


About me

I dropped from high-school to work on my projects. Usually, I'd make the first version of a software by myself to attract people to work with, so we can create something much bigger together. Then, I'd take the role of orchestrating the development under a shared vision, creating something beautiful from the inside (code) and out (usefulness).


My publicly available projects are a note-taking app called Notes and Deus. If you'd like to support my work you can become a supporter on Patreon.

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