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We believe technology can empower the individual to do great things, so we create
tools to enhance people’s abilities. Deus is the
result of that belief. It’s your own personal
assistant to get things done.

Things you can say to Deus

Always listening, not always recording
Constantly improving

Deus is always in the background. Waiting for you to wake it up.

Deus's set of commands keeps on expanding and improving with every update.


What you say to Deus is not associated with your identity — so your personal information isn’t gathered to sell to advertisers or other organizations.


Deus's code is open for everyone to see. And anyone can contribute to making Deus better.


Deus is working on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And you can help to make it support other platforms too.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q:    When does Deus start listening?

Q:    How much of my computer's resources will Deus use?

Q:    Can I give Deus another name?

A:    Deus is always in the background, waiting for you to wake it up by saying its name. No data is sent to servers until you wake Deus. That's possible due to Deus's sophisticated wake-up word detection technology (made by Picovoice) that runs completely offline, on your computer. When you wake up Deus, you'll see its menu bar icon turn orange, indicating that it's listening.

A:    We designed Deus from the very start to be fast and responsive so Deus utilizes very low resources. On a modern computer, Deus will use about 2.5% of CPU resources or less. And because it's a native app, you can expect a very small memory footprint.

A:    Not currently, but this is definitely planned for future release.

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